When we talk about whisky and gin, we tend to think of some European distillery in the case of the gin and the Scottish Highlands for whisky, but the market can become surprising all over the world. Today, both gin and Japanese whisky have positioned themselves as very interesting proposals thanks to their quality.

Characteristics of whisky and Japanese gin

One of the main features that Japanese whisky has is for its excellent quality. This is because Japan is the country of water and there is a thousand-year-old culture surrounding this element.

It can be said that water is the elixir of Japanese life, one of the main ingredients of the famous and excellent Japanese whisky. With a great purity, a careful appearance and a delicate taste, it has managed to position itself as a proposal capable of satisfying the most gourmets.

The barley of this whisky comes mostly from Scotland, but even though it is a very important ingredient, water is more so. The more purity the water has, the higher the quality of the whisky.

The history of this drink in Japan goes back to the year 1923, when a distillery was founded in Yamakazi, in the middle of a valley surrounded by springs of crystalline water and certain humidity, ideal characteristics for the whisky to reach an excellent maturity in casks.

As for the gin, we can speak of a lot of quality and a great know-how by the Japanese distilleries like Nikka, Kyoto or Suntory have come to Europe stepping strong thanks to its excellent quality.

Also, taking advantage of the pull that gin tonics have, this kind of gin is living a very special moment. Not only will we find gin distilled in the most classic way, but they arrive mixes with botanical aromas and flavors that leave no one indifferent like cherry blossoms, Japanese pepper or yuzu among other proposals.