When the contents of a glass bottle are finished, many people throw them into the recycling bin. This is a great idea because we will be helping to recycle, but we can also give them a different use and provide them with another useful life. The use of empty bottles can be surprising, as you will see in this article.

How to use the bottles when emptying them?

When we finish a bottle, we can recycle it in very original ways. For example, we can wash them well and when they are dry, paint them with slate paint. When the paint is dry, you can use the bottles as an original vase or to write messages on them with colored chalk, remaining very decorative.

If they are unusual bottles or have beautiful shapes, they can take advantage of original forms. We will clean it well inside, we will put soap inside and at the top of the bottle we will put a dispenser that we can find in a hardware store. Thus, we will have an original and exclusive soap dispenser.

If we cut the bottles from the bottom, we can take advantage of the upper part to put a LED bulb, creating 100% original lamps. It is very important to find an adapter for the bulb that fits in the bottle, although we can fix it with hot silicone.

Cut a bottle in half and painting it in different colors, we can create completely original pots. You can create unique sets using bottles of various sizes and colors. This will allow us to create a centerpiece with different flowers and plants.

These are just some of the many examples of what can be done with empty glass bottles. Remember that in our imagination is the limit and we can always take advantage of any kind of glass bottle to create objects like the ones we have taught you to do in this article.