To speak of the mojito is to speak of Cuba. It was there that this cocktail was born and it is where we must look for its secrets.

An excellent companion to warm nights, it finds its origin in the 16th century when privateer Richard Drake seems to have found the magic recipe. Given its acidic character and the use of lemon, it made it an excellent remedy to avoid scurvy on board.

As an essential ingredient it seems clear that we must go to the rum, but the quality and the touch of the rum will make us hit or miss the attempt when making it.


  • HAVANA CLUB 3 YEARS. Santa Cruz del Norte in Cuba, makes perhaps the best-known Cuban rum. If what we want is to have a 100% Cuban mojito, this should be the choice. It is difficult to have a mojito in Cuba without rum being present.
  • RON BACARDI LIMÓN. The small acid touch of this rum makes it the one chosen by many of our clients to make a mojito.
  • RON CAPTAIN MORGAN. When Welsh captain Henry Morgan wanted to give Caribbean rum a different touch, I can’t imagine that it would become one of the most widely consumed rum brands in the world.
  • RON BARCELO. This rum is ideal for those who like a rum with sweet touches. Its flavor with «body» makes the contrast turn the mojito into something that will not go unnoticed.
  • RON MATUSALEM. That’s right, for many the best rum to make a good mojito. Several generations of the Álvarez family, of Spanish origin, have been working for years to continue maintaining their brand among the best rums in the world.

From Bodega El Barril we have an excellent selection of rum in our showcases, which will make your mojitos «taste of glory»