The Costa Blanca is a well-known destination for many different reasons; one of them is for being an important tourist destination, but also for its nature, its beaches, shopping areas, night scene or its gastronomy. We cannot forget the excellent liquors of the Costa Blanca, very appreciated in this area and also in the rest of Spain.

Some of the most popular liquors on the Costa Blanca

Mistela is a kind of liquor that is made by mixing the grape must and alcohol. Its flavor is sweet and it is usually consumed as a drink to accompany desserts. Mistela from Alicante is very consumed in the area of Marina Alta.

The cantueso is a traditional liquor well known on the Costa Blanca. This drink is made with a plant of the same name as well as alcohol. In its preparation, the liquor must remain at least two months at rest and can even be aged in wooden barrels, at least two years.

The anise Paloma has an elaboration regulated by the denomination of origin Spirits of Alicante. It is obtained by distilling green anise or star anise. In the distillation process, alcohol and different natural extracts such as anise or badiana as well as water and sugar are added. It has a high alcohol content ranging from 40% to 55%.

The herbero is another liquor that we can find on the Costa Blanca. It is composed of selected and macerated aromatic herbs. The drink is obtained by distillation or maceration and a neutral alcohol of between 22% and 40% alcohol content.

We finish with coffee liquor, which is made with coffee and its consumption is very popular. It is obtained by maceration of Arabica coffee from natural roast in neutral alcohol with an alcohol content of between 15% and 25%.