During these important dates there are drinks that should never be missing from any event, but remember that you should not drink as if there were no tomorrow, do it in moderation or the consequences can be terrible. To help you decide on the best and most suitable New Year’s Eve drinks and to make the last night of the year special without missing any details, including toasts, read on.

The best drinks for a different New Year’s Eve

  • Wine cannot be missing from any Christmas dinner or meal, let alone New Year’s Eve. You can choose between sparkling, red, white, sweet or rosé, depending on your tastes or those of your guests, but it is an indispensable ingredient.
  • Cava, cider and champagne are other irreplaceable drinks for such a special night, since toasts will not be missing and they are par excellence the chosen liquors for this purpose. Besides, with champagne or champagne, peach juice and ice, you can make the Bellini cocktail, a classic of these dates.
  • Tropical Cocktail. With coconut milk, pineapple juice, aged rum and banana liqueur you will get one of the most delicious tropical cocktails to invite your friends on New Year’s Eve. You will surely surprise them with its pleasant and sweet taste.
  • Gin Sling. All you need is crushed ice, gin, natural lemon juice and a little bit of grenadine. You can decorate with a couple of lemon pieces and accompany it with a straw, I assure you that your guests will be amazed with that mixture of flavors in their mouth.
  • Free Russia. In this case, to prepare the Free Russia cocktail you will need: ice, vodka, cola and lemon juice. As if it were a Martini, you can decorate it with two cherries strung on a stick and it will give it a sophisticated touch, as well as providing a pleasant sweetness to the drink.

Remembering the above, drink in moderation, and we hope you can surprise all your loved ones with these essential New Year’s Eve drinks.