When the heat comes, you always want to drink a really refreshing drink. Usually we think of beer, cocktails without alcohol, juices, slush, etc., but… did you know that there are gin that can make your drink completely refreshing? We will share with you some of the refreshing gin that you should not fail to try this summer.

3 refreshing gin for your combos

Hayman’s 1820 is the first gin liquor in the world that is distilled by five times in the London style. Because of this, the resulting gin has 40% alcohol and is fresh and clean. It has a very cool taste in the palate and is due to the ingredients used in its elaboration.

It has a delicious citrus touch, with a soft orange flavor, which makes a gin and tonic or any other kind of combination, is truly refreshing. If you prefer, it can also be taken alone or accompanied by ice, sure that its flavor will surprise you.

Tanqueray No. Ten is a well-known ginegra that is produced by combining limes, grapefruits, oranges and juniper berries with neutral liquor and four different distillations are made. In the last one, the neutral liquor and citrus fruits with camomile flowers are distilled. Thanks to this step, the characteristics of this gin improve considerably. It becomes a soft, balanced and above all, very fresh product.

We finished with another gin that is refreshing, the Hendrick’s. It is an ideal gin to be combined with other drinks and its flavor is delicious. Why is this gin so delicious and refreshing? The answer is very simple, it is due to its distillation process which includes an infusion of rose petals from Bulgaria and cucumber from Holland, making it a unique gin in its species, with a rather powerful and fresh flavor.