Like many other drinks, behind the JAGËRMEISTER there is a really incredible story that few know and that makes this liquor something unique.

This German drink originates from a humble family and was originally used to combat the cold during long hunting days in the Saxon mountains. His recipe was passed down generation after generation and today only five people in the world know the original recipe.

The Curt family began to know the potential of this potion of gods, when they began to exchange it with basic necessities, on the black market in the Weimar Republic.

When Curt Mast launched into marketing this family heirloom, you would never have imagined that it would become one of the best-known drinks in the world.

Since 1878 this drink has not stopped gaining followers around the world.


  • During World War II, Germans used them in trenches as a pain reliever and even a disinfectant.
  • Its iconic deer with a cross, finds its origin in San Eustaquio and San Huberto. Both patrons of the German hunters, as legend has it that they spotted a deer with a cross between its antlers.
  • It was the first brand in the world to sponsor a soccer team in 1973.
  • GUN N´ROSES canceled a concert in Maine by forbidding them to drink this liquor on stage.
  • The old legend that contains deer blood is false, but it gives that touch of secrecy that has made this drink unique.

These and many other legends have made JAGËRMEISTER an icon at every party and essential behind any bar. Its consumption has spread almost everywhere in the world and is among the 10 most consumed beverages in the world