The Eristoff vodka is one of the most famous vockas in the world and has many different varieties. This brand of vodka can satisfy the demands of any palate, even the most expert. What are the most famous types of Eristoff vodka?

Most known types of Eristoff vodka

The best known Eristoff vodka is the classic, a Premium vodka with 40% alcohol content, when it is obtained with a triple distillation of grain alcohol and then filtered with charcoal. In this way, the original recipe of Prince Eristoff is maintained, a drink with which they continue to prepare great combinations or even consume it alone, as the Russians like best.

Another of the proposals of this brand is Eristoff Gold. In this drink, the flavor of the original vodka is combined with flavors such as natural caramel or vanilla, giving it a surprising and informal flavor. It is ideal to consume it cold and with a lot of ice in a long glass. It has a very sweet and refreshing smell and its flavor is creamy and intense. It is softer than the original version, with only 20 degrees of alcohol.

Another variety, which also has 20 degrees of alcohol, is the well-known Eristoff Black. In this variety the intensity of the original vodka is combined with the flavor of the berries and the raspberry liqueur. It has a very peculiar texture to which we must add the flavor of forest fruits. An original note, you can dye the tongue dark color when you drink alone, but only momentarily.

Eristoff Red, with 20 degrees of alcohol, combines the original vodka formula with sloes, providing a completely different taste than the original vodka. It is obtained after a process of three distillations and later it is filtered with active carbon. With this, an exceptional liquor is obtained, after which the red fruits are added to give it the flavor that characterizes it.

Although there are more varieties, these are some of the most consumed in the world of the brand belonging to Bacardi.