In the market we can find a large number of different gin, but very few like the Gin Port of Indias. It is a gin that was born in the sevillian town of Carmona and in a very short time has become one of the 10 most consumed in the world, something that many gins that have been decades in the market have not achieved.

This summer’s favorite drink

With the boom of gin tonic and quality gin, Puerto de Indias has been opening way step by step to get a product based on excellence that leaves no one indifferent, with a delicious and surprising flavor.

As with many successful products, it was born of a mistake, since the company wanted to macerate season strawberries in alcohol and subsequently marketed as a complement to confectionery, although that test did not have the expected product. To take advantage of the alcohol preserved in strawberry, it was distilled with a previously elaborated gin. The result was something that was unprecedented in the market.

In a very short time, the growth was very fast and soon to position itself as a reference in Spain. A Short time later, many companies began to be interested in this product and currently sells millions of bottles a year. It Is in the top 3 of the most sold in the Spanish market and the top 10 worldwide, something incredible.

It Is ideal not only for gin tonic but for many others combined or even cocktails, with an undeniable taste. But in addition, we can not only find gin Puerto de Indias with strawberry flavor, also have on the market other proposals such as the Pure Black Edition or the Classic, thus forming a temptation to which many experts can not resist thanks to the excellent Quality that this gin has.