For a few years, gin and tonic has returned to become fashionable, a mixed drink that our parents already drank years ago and has returned with great force. Since always, gin has been a transparent drink, which is known also as white drink. We have also seen it in blue, with which many cocktails and gin and tonics are made, and now fashion are pink gins.

The great success of pink gin

The pink gin is sticking very strong, has a slight pinkish color and some even come with strawberry flavor. For gin and tonic or combined with this kind of gin, there is no discussion, ball glass and natural fruit as essential elements to serve the combined.

Do not forget to use a quality tonic, better classic and not colors, to avoid creating impossible color combinations. To all, we must add its accompaniment, where you can put allspice, grapefruit, cardamom, rose, strawberries, cucumber, etc.

Its taste is mild, although in some gins it can be quite intense, but what is clear is that it triumphs and not only within the female sector, where this gin was said to vindicate women, but also many men have succumbed to the original flavor provided by these pink gin.

The truth is that there are many brands that offer this alternative such as: Beefeater Pink, Bosford Rosé, Ginial Rosé, Greenall’s, Gin Lane 1751 Victoria, Audemus Spirits Pink, Pinkster Gin, Gordon’s Premium Pink , Eden Mill Love ,Williams Pink, Burleighs Gin Pink, M&S Think Pink, Unicorn Tears Pink or the spanish Larios, Rives o Puerto de Indias, the latter being the third best sold in Spain and exported to a large number of countries with great success.

Which of them do you chose?