Enjoying a good wine with a dessert in addition to being totally possible, is more than advisable. That’s right, pairing wines and desserts beyond choosing a sweet wine to finish a good meal, is within everyone’s reach.

We have always wondered at some point; Why not finish a bottle of wine with dessert? Well, it is not that it is possible, but many of our clients choose to buy specific wines to accompany their desserts.

From BODEGAS BARRIL we leave you some clear examples of how it is possible to enjoy a good wine with dessert.


CHRISTMAS DESSERTS. Perhaps it is the time of year where we most enjoy typical desserts. Our tables are full of sweets in those days and the vast majority of them are based on nuts (almond, hazelnut, walnuts, etc …). A good choice to surprise your guests is to marinate these desserts with a good GEWÜRZTRAMINER

HOLY WEEK DESSERTS. It is a time of «passion» and the typical sweets that circulate throughout our geography at this time are very picturesque. But without a doubt the Easter cake is undoubtedly the star dessert at this time. Starting from the typical monkey on these dates, a great choice is to accompany it with a good muscat, although the most daring in some areas of Spain even go soaked in a good red wine such as ENRIQUE MENDOZA

COCHOLATE DESSERTS. Being the star ingredient in desserts, it deserves a treatment on its own. Chocolate has been, is and will be the star ingredient in any dessert, in the same way that a CHARDONNAY is a perfect wine to accompany it.

From BODEGAS BARRIL we invite you to live a unique and little-known experience, such as enjoying a magnificent wine from our winery with your desserts.