The carnival is a very fun party in which a lot of people participate. If you plan to disguise yourself this year and want to do it with something very complete and where all the details are taken care of to the maximum, you can go pirate. It is one of the many proposals for Carnival, where you can go with your bottle of rum and all the details to look like a real pirate.

What you should not miss in your pirate costume

If we start with the feet, you can use some boots that you no longer use and to which you can put a large buckle to simulate the shoes that were used in the time of the pirates. The buckle can be found in a haberdashery or made at home.

As for the pants, you can use broken breeches and patches, as if they had been used for many years. The belt has to be wide, something that can be done with a brown fabric that simulates being leather and have a large buckle, something that can be found in a costume store or make it yourself.

The shirt can be white, with very wide sleeves, as they were worn in the time of the pirates and above, you can put a leather vest or cloth, simulating breakage or much use.

Do not forget to leave beard a few days to give a rough and fierce look, but you can also choose a beard postica. The point is that they tend to be uncomfortable because they sting. As accessories, you can put a handkerchief on your head and a patch on your eye to look like a real pirate.

Finally, large hoops in the ears, a parrot on the shoulder, a hook, a sword, a gun and the bottle of rum will be enough to become real pirates during the days of the carnival.