There is nothing more pleasant than enjoying family or friends tasting a good wine. After-dinner conversations accompanied by our favorite liquors are the perfect ending to a meeting.

While enjoying our drinks we can also help to care for the environment. The bottles we use are recyclable and reusable. There are several uses for bottles that we can make once they are empty:

  • Food storage jars.

The bottles are perfect for storing and preserving food. Rices, pasta, lentils, honey and many other things can be stored in a bottle.

  • Soap dispenser

By adding a small dispenser to the top we can have an elegant soap dispenser for the bathroom.

  • Plant pot

Your plants will look radiant in a bottle. Plus changing their water will be a very convenient task.

  • Decorative elements

The bottles offer many possibilities for decoration. We can fill them with sand and shells to give them a marine touch, play with little stones and grains of colored sand or paint them on the outside with the most original designs.

  • Watering can

Use the bottles to keep your plants healthy and beautiful. Just add the right dosage device and you’ll get a practical watering system for your home or garden.

  • Candleholder

Bottles are great candleholders. A part of the bottle is filled with sand to settle the candle and an elegant home lighting system is obtained to liven up our nights out.

These are the simplest uses for reusing your bottles. For those with more hands or those who have someone with the right tools at hand, the possibilities are endless. You can make racks from bottles, glass cups, fish tanks, bottle racks, candlesticks and a thousand other things.

With the bottles it is possible to enjoy our favourite flavours and take care of our environment at the same time.