The current master blender of the brand, Jim Beverridgel, has managed to bring this Scottish whiskey to market shares within the reach of very few. Jim is considered today as one of the «most valuable noses in the world». Such is the hermeticism of the brand, that there has been less master blender since the brand was born than British kings.


  • Barely one out of every ten thousand barrels of the Johnnie Walker house, meets the necessary requirements for the production of this variety.
  • Its true secret is an exquisite and careful mix between old whiskeys and some young ones that give it strength. It is a variety of just over 40 varieties of whiskeys that come from distilleries that are already closed and disappeared, some for more than 50 years.
  • Its blue color is a tribute to the British Royal House, as this color is the distinctive indication of it. In fact, in its origins, only this variety was only offered to the British royal house.
  • Each bottle that is marketed is numbered and with a seal of authenticity. Its exquisite presentation in its own stucco and following the brand’s bottling aesthetics, has made BLUE LABEL a world benchmark.
  • As part of its select character, it will cease to be produced in a few years, which will make these bottles become the object of collectors almost certainly within a few decades.

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