Since gin began to be used as a medicinal drink centuries ago, this drink has accompanied us and has made a name for itself in our lives. Without a doubt, he deserves that we honor him every June 10th.

Such has been its reach and fame for centuries, that Wiston Churchill himself coined that «gin and tonic has saved more lives and minds of English men than all the doctors of the empire.»

From BODEGAS BARRIL, we invite you today to discover the most curious cocktails with gin that will not leave you indifferent.


  1. Martini. That’s right, despite the fact that the big screen wanted us to associate vodka with this cocktail, the truth is that it was originally made with gin.James Bond made this cocktail famous and since then it is the most elaborate cocktail in the world.
  2. Orange blossom. We make room for this cocktail on our blog today since talking about orange is talking about Spain. The mixture of cointreau, gin and orange will surely make you repeat.Another good option is to choose to mix with CUA CUA, orange liqueur made in Benidorm and that you can also find in our stores.
  3. Snowball. The mixture with anisete turns this cocktail into something strong but certainly ideal for some days where you want to lift your spirits.
  4. Pink ghost. The absinthe present in this cocktail makes it not suitable for all stomachs, but of course we must try it at least once.

The GIN BOTTLES section of our stores is one of the most visited. If you pass through Benidorm do not hesitate to visit any of Bodega El Barril stores where you can find gins difficult to find elsewhere.