Oddly enough, the gin was born in Holland in the 16th century for juniper to respond to liver problems, clean blood and prevent gout. That’s right, gin was born as a «medicine».

Its subsequent use, let’s say, “leisure”, has made great personalities in history praise the therapeutic aims of gin. The queen mother of Elizabeth II always boasted that overcoming the century of life was due to consuming a gin and tonic daily, with 9 parts of gin for one of tonic.

At BODEGAS BARRIL we always recommend the responsible use of alcoholic beverages, but the benefits of gin and tonic for our body are enormous.


  • It is digestive. It is surely a benefit of the gin that we all know. But the English custom of taking gin in the aperitif, to prepare the digestion, is not so well known.
  • It is an excellent pain reliever. Raisins soaked in gin is the old homemade recipe of our grandmothers, to fight against muscle aches. Remember that always in moderation, to prevent muscle pain from disappearing, and we get a headache the next day.
  • Great ally against malaria and scurvy. English piracy added lemon to gin to fight these diseases, and this is the origin of accompanying a lemon gin and tonic.
  • Excellent remedy against flu and cough processes. Our respiratory system welcomes the antiseptic contribution that juniper gives to a gin and tonic.
  • Great ally against stress. Juniper gives our body a feeling of relaxation and evasion from routine.

Our gin section is one of the most visited on our website and in our physical stores. Gin and tonic has become the “fashionable drink”, and the current variety of gins makes it one of the most popular drinks.