When Dom Pierre Pérignon settled in the monastery of Hautvillers near Reims in the mid-17th century, he probably did not expect the creation of his vineyards, champagne, to become such a popular drink. The Monges charged a large part of their tithes in grapes, which was what was most produced in the region, and the production of sparkling wine was only the way they had to take advantage of those charges. However, Pérignon managed to create the best sparkling wine in the world and set the standard in the matter.

Where to get Dom Perignon products

Since 1936, when the first vintage of 1921 was marketed, Dom Pérignon offers to the public the best champagnes in the world and its range of products are the most desired by fans of sparkling wines.

To maintain its quality, Dom Pérignon is a vintage wine, that is, only the years in which the harvest is excellent there is production, stopping at bad harvests. This prevents the Dom Pérignon range from having bad varieties or bad years.

Therefore, choosing a specific Dom Pérignon product is not so much choosing more or less quality (all are good) but choosing a certain aging:

  • Vintage: 7 years.
  • Rosé: entre 10 and 12 years.
  • OEnothèque: 14 years.
  • Oenothèque Rosé: 20 years.

Vintage and Rosé varieties are usually found in supermarkets and specialised shops. The OEnothèque usually require a visit to a specialized establishment and there are special varieties that are offered on request.

None of them is exactly cheap: the brand’s prices range from €160 for a bottle of Vintage, sold in any good supermarket, to more than €1000 for certain exclusive varieties that can only be purchased directly from the parent company in the French town of Möet-Chandon.