Absolut is a brand of Swedish vodka that is sold all over the world. Currently, after Bacardi and Smirniff is the third best selling white drink in the world, in 120 countries. It is a brand of vodka for all tastes because in addition to classic vodka, which is made with a recipe over 400 years old, it has a large number of different flavors.

Absolut, flavors for any palate

If you want to enjoy different vodka, Absolut has a large number of different flavors in its catalog, ideal to surprise all kinds of palates. Although we are not going to list them all, we do want to share with you some very special flavors.

One of them is the Wild Tea, avery famous vodka that has an ingredient such as Chinese black tea, giving it a unique flavor, to which is added another very special ingredient, elderberry flowers, very common in Scandinavia.

For those people who like acid flavors, Berri Acai is a good choice. It is a very fresh vodka with a delicious taste of acai, pomegranate and blueberries. Other more citrus options are the Ruby Red, with its intense flavor of red polemus, or the well-known Citron, with an authentic lemon flavor.

Another citric flavor but less intense is the Mandarin, ideal to drink only very cold or to combine it. Another fruit that has its prominence in the wide range of options of Absolut, is the Kurant, a Swedish fruit similar to the grape.

If we talk about fruit, we must not forget other proposals such as the Apeach, with its characteristic peach flavor; the handle; the Raspberri, with raspberry flavor; and the Pears, with a delicious pear flavor.

But not only we will find fruit, there are also other options with which we can surprise our palate, as for example with the Peppar, launched in 1986 and with an original pepper flavor. This makes this vodka an excellent choice for making Bloody Mary, one of the most famous cocktails in the world.