Although the Barceló Rum can be taken alone or with ice, it is recognized worldwide for its great quality and also because you can make countless cocktails, as we are going to teach you to do in this article.

Freshy Strawberry Margarita with Rum

For the preparation of this cocktail we will need:

• 10 small strawberries.
• 2 ounces of Barceló Rum.
• ½ ounce of strawberry juice.
• 1 ½ ounces of lemon juice.
• 1 tablespoon sugar.
• 5 Ice (non-solid).

We will Put all the ingredients in the blender and beat until the strawberries are undone and the ice will crush. We’ll serve it in a glass and decorate it with a strawberry on the edge.

Pineapple Rum Sorbet

This Delicious cocktail is made up of:

• 20ml. of Barceló Rum.
• 10ml. of lemon juice.
• 10ml. of orange juice.
• ¼ of frozen pineapple, previously peeled and chopped.
• 20gr of sugar.

For processing We will put everything in a mixing glass and mix until everything is well integrated. We’ll throw ice in a glass and mix

Colombian Flag

  • 1 part of Barceló Rum.
  • 1 part of Blue Curaçao.
  • 1 part of grenadine.
  • 4 Parts orange juice.
  • 1 slice of lemon.
  • Crushed Ice.

Mix the rum with the orange juice in a jug. We will put a layer of crushed ice on the bottom of a glass and incorporate grenadine. We will incorporate another layer of crushed ice and blue Curaçao. Insert the lemon or orange slice and let it float. We will put another layer of ice and gradually incorporate the mixture of rum and orange.

Toasted rum and passion Fruit Mojito

To prepare this tropical cocktail we will need:

• 20ml. of Barceló Rum.
• A piece of lemon.
• 2 mint leaves.
• Sugar.
• Water with gas.
• ½ Passion fruit.
• Ice.

We will put in a glass the piece of lemon and peppermint or mint. Mix and press lightly to remove the essence to mint or peppermint. We will incorporate sugar, passion fruit pulp and rum. We will incorporate ice and complete with the water with gas.

Rum with Cola

It is Not a cocktail itself but it is one of the most consumed combined in the world. To do this, we will need Barceló Rum, soda cola, ice and a spoonful of lime juice. Just Delicious.