Anyone who has visited the province of Alicante, or who has simply heard about this place, will know that our land is synonymous of sun, gastronomy, party and quality of life. And, the truth is that, is undeniable for all (both visitors and locals of the Costa Blanca and the interior of the province).

But what many people don’t know is that, in addition to these attributes, we also have some of the best wines in the world, D.O Alicante wines.

These wines have accompanied the meals of kings like Louis XIV and even the great king of English literature William Shakespeare. So, how can the wines of our land not be good?

5 Alicante wines that can not miss on the table

Lovers of good wine, well know that the grapes of the Marina Alta in Alicante have something special and characteristic that makes their wines stand out from the rest, and are one of the best sellers of the market in our land.

Therefore, our recommendation is that, if you want a safe hit, do not hesitate to bring a Marina Alta wine, or one of its versions: the white sparkling wine or the sparkling pink wine.

These are perfect especially for the summer season, accompanying a good rice, a fish or a pasta dish. But you can also enjoy them throughout the year!

On the other hand, the wines of the Mendoza winery are also some of the highest quality in our province, being at the same time one of the most internationally recognized. It could even be said that the wineries of the winemaker Enrique Mendoza are one of the main flagships of our D.O. Alicante

So our recommendation is that you can not stay without trying these two varieties: Enrique Mendoza Estrecho 2006 and Enrique Mendoza Moscatell de La Marina. Although with any wine from this house, you will guess for sure!

And which one do you prefer?